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Last weekends bird shooting

Gypsy and I had a really good day out in the weekend. Shot a good limit bag of Quail and a few ducks. Dog working well and Quail sitting tighter now that they have been shot up a few times. Plenty of ducks around after all that rain. Most decent stretches of water with a bit of cover are holding ducks. I hope to get out after a Tahr in the weekend. Ideally would like some fine frosty weather, but the weather has been pretty unpredictable lately. Not long now until our hunting trip to the Northern Territories. Looking forward to some good hunting and hot weather!


The latest and greatest news, the arrival of our beautiful grandson Charlee

Our grandson Charlee Sheumais MacLean was born in Greymouth last week; weight 8 pounds 4 ounces, and he is so handsome! Went over to the coast yesterday to spend a lovely day with him and proud mum (Nicole) and dad (Sheumais). All are doing very well and I can't wait for our next visit in 3-4 weeks time!